Delhi buses carry unsolicited ads of beleaguered Indian IT sector

20 12 2008



First, let me apologize for the long gap in my postings. I confess I am lazy.

Recently, I was in New Delhi to cover a telecom event. My 3-day stay there was not as interesting as it was four years back during my struggling but colourful days.


IT sector is definitely under pressure in these tough times with the global downturn swallowing up what has been the most flourishing industry over the past two decades.


Cost-cutting measures are on – no tissue papers in the restrooms, no free food-coupons, no new year celebrations, no gifts and of course, the mass Lay-offs.


In such a grave situation, the pic here can give you an idea on ‘how to cut advertising and publicity costs of an ‘under-pressure’ company’?


A US BPO company which is also present in Indian cities of Gurgaon and Bangalore spends hundreds of thousands in their advertising campaign running continuous ads in the primetime of Indian entertainment television channels. The catch line of the ad suggests more recruitment.


But, the reality is completely contrasted. The same company ruthlessly lays off people without valid reasons.


Forget US clients, they can ditch on a whim. It’s time to target domestic customers, those who understand only Hindi. The catch line is simple – ‘Website & Software banbawe’ which means develop website and software.


 That says it all.